Gabriel installed a brand new Amana a/c a few years back. I was out of town visiting family when my daughter called and said it was 90 degrees in my house and that my two cats really looked distressed. I phoned Gabriel and he got in it right of way. By the time I got back home a couple days later, he had it up and running. That’s what I call service !

This past Thursday, my A/C started running hot. It was 96 outside. I called Gabriel; he said he would be there Friday after he handled another scheduled call. He arrived around noon and promptly got to my A/C. It was 87 inside my house ! To my surprise, Gabriel said my A/C didn’t have any problems, that everything checked out ok. I don’t know what happened; I was just glad that Gabriel got it up and running. He told me to call him ASAP if anything happened over the weekend. The kicker was that he didn’t charge me for the service call. I’m very impressed with their quality of service and manner of doing business.