Blackbelt has superior customer service! Our heater happened to go out around 3am the night it snowed in San Antonio (which never happens). They responded very quickly the very next day. Upon arrival they were very courteous and friendly to me and my children. They actually took the time to listen to what my concern was rather than just brushing me off. They were able to pinpoint the problem and get our heater back on and working properly. It ended up being we needed a new part. They did not overcharge for the part like most companies do or try to tell us more things were wrong that actually weren’t. They are honest and trustworthy. We will definitely be calling them again if needed. On a side note, they were also able to tell us why our downstairs is always sooo hot in the summer even with the ac working properly. We have asked several other companies and nobody else had an explanation. They were willing to take the time out to explain why and what needs to be done to fix it. If you are in need of any work, I highly recommend Blackbelt.